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Solar energy as a source of energy has been around for a long time, but it’s really coming to the forefront now due to the higher awareness of the general public toward the importance of applying renewable sources of energy that will free the USA from dependency on foreign oil.

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Certain states provide excellent weather year round to get maximum exposure to the sun’s rays to reach the photo-voltaic cells in the solar panels.
But basically anywhere throughout the U.S. is suitable for using solar panels effectively, however while some of the regions that have heavy cloud cover for longer periods of time may have less benefits, they still have sufficient sunlight to implement and support a solar system to complement their main source of energy.

Other sources of energy can also complement solar panels, such as wind energy, geothermal power systems and other methods.

Solar panels should be installed properly in order to get the best results from the sun’s exposure.

Our website offers a wide range of solar energy products to help home owners and businesses purchase what’s needed to install their own solar energy system.
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There are also plenty of available sources of information for building and installing your own solar panels.
To learn more about installing and setting up your own solar energy system, visit our section Create Your Own Solar Energy & Electricity

This can be a great way to keep your overall costs down, but you need to be an informed consumer to make the best choices in equipment, as well as making sure that the installation will qualify for the government solar rebates and incentive programs.

For consumers that prefer to use a contractor to install the panels for them, there are also advantages in doing so. An experienced licensed solar contractor can provide solid advice for the best methods and system for each consumer. Also experienced solar contractors can provide valuable advice regarding the available government programs for rebates and incentives for qualified solar energy systems.
Contractors can also provide information and resources to help in financing the entire solar installation and may be able to keep the out of pocket cost down to a minimum.


This is an excellent time to install solar energy panels for your home or business. The U.S. Government has made alternative sources of energy a top priority in order to help free us from the long standing dependency we have had with foreign oil. There are excellent incentive programs available from both the Federal Government and Individual States which provide incentives and rebates to install solar panels for residential and commercial installations.
There are also tax rebates available that you can qualify for installing and using solar energy panels.
With the combination of incentives, rebates, and tax credits, the result can be that your full solar installation can be done with little or no out of pocket costs, and within a short time it pays for itself and thereafter you benefit from virtually free source of electrical power for your home or business.

For information about various programs available in your state and location please visit Database for State Incentives for Renewable Energy as well as available Federal Programs.

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